Spēd Precision

    Each SPĒD rim is designed from the ground up for each discipline. We have 3 rim profiles that are available in different sizes and weights that are hand laid in carbon fiber to achieve a superb controlled ride when matched to our hub-sets. When designing our rims and molds we concentrated on being able to strategically place  material where it was needed  and remove material where it was not. This combined with a unique low profile design mitigates rock and debris impact, gives you more vertical compliance and at the same time retains a superb lateral stiffness. The result has best been described as wheel that is stiff enough for superb control but not overly stiff so one needs to change their style of riding.  

    Bead Hook & Tire Bed

    Your wheels are no good if the tire does not stay in its proper place. We have dedicated a lot of time into the tire and rim interface to give you 100% confidence in your wheels. With that in mind we have retained the tire bead hook. Is it harder? Yes. Is it more expensive and time consuming? Yes. Is it a better interface than hookless? Yes

    While most riders  will never hit  full cornering speeds on a world cup DH course, we designed our rims to do just that. At  the hightest level of riding and racing, hard cornering wants to rip the tire from its seated position on your rim. We have combined a ramped tire bed in combination with a bead hook that virtually eliminates any burping or unseating of the tire in hard cornering. This combined with an industry leading 4.5mm bead/hook wall for impact survival assures you will have the best performance and confidence as you rail those rocky corners and descents. 

    Optimized Material Placemnent

    With a carbon rim we can place material where we want to tune the ride in infinite combinations. There is a lot of internal profile shaping that makes our rim ride and perform so well. One signature feature you can see is our re-enforced nipple extrusions. In the higher stress areas where the spoke nipple seats and exits the rim, we have added material in a directional manner so as to stiffen and strengthen the assembly as needed. Conversely this allows the material to be thinner and lighter between the spoke locations. Not only engineering you can see, but more importantly a feature that contributes to the build and ride of the wheel on the trail.


    Each SPĒD hub is tailored  to the discipline the wheel set it was intended for. We designed a straight pull shell to optimize spoke position and tension as well as optimize weight. Our free hub body uses a 4 pawl system for CX and XC while our TR and DH freehub bodies use a 6 pawl system. Each rear hub can be serviced with only a pair of cone wrenches allowing easy changes between Shimano and Sram freehub bodies.  

    Spoke Perches and Angles

    When we design our own hubs with our rims in mind we can control things some other wheel companies can not. One of the key features of our wheels is the positioning of spokes in relation to our rims. Since we design both we can make sure that the exit angle and direction of each spoke matches the entry angle and position at the rim. This assures that the spoke head is uniformly seated at the hub and the spoke nipple is firmly seated at the rim bed. No unwanted side loading of hub, spoke or rim material. This reduces fatigue of the individual components and allows it all to work as a system. This allows a stable build and optimization of each component.  The result, a consistent laterally stiff wheel in the corners and compliant controlled ride in the drops and rock gardens.