Spēd Precision
  • About Us

    Who we are

    Based out of southern California, SPĒD PRECISION is a cycling component and engineering group born from the passion of riding and the desire to create performance level components.  We offer a proven and durable lightweight carbon wheel-set for any passion you pursue. Whether it be elite competition or a casual ride with friends; downhill, trail, enduro, cross country or cyclocross. We offer top of the line components that will ensure you get the most from your ride or race. At SPĒD PRECISION we work with some of the worlds best riders and racers to ensure each wheel is tuned precisely for each application, providing you with the quality you expect from an elite level product.  

    Design Philosophy

    Our wheel-sets are designed as a stand alone system. Our custom hub and hand laid rim are specifically engineered to reinforce the stability of one another, working in sync to create a stiff but nimble ride that can withstand the abuse of daily use all while maintaining a performance level on par with elite racing. Each component is designed from scratch to maximize the task at hand. From our unique rim design that optimizes material placement to matched spoke angles and hub contact points, every detail is meticulously engineered with the whole system concept in mind.  SPĒD PRECISION wheels are put to the test on our southern California trails and the global race circuit to ensure quality and performance. You can find our wheels on bicycles at the World Cup downhill circuit to national cross-country and cyclocross racing under top elite athletes.  

    The Ride

    A quality set of wheels can take your ride or race to the next level. We are a rider based company with a lifetime of bicycle development and race experience invested in the process of taking the designing and engineering of bicycle performance one step further. We are proud to introduce a wheel-set beautiful in the scope of engineering and appearance that delivers a quality and smoothness of ride you will not find in other products.